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(2003) Rocks & Minerals for the collector; Kirkland Lake - Rouyn-Noranda - Val d'Or, Ontario & Quebec. The Talc, Soapstone and Asbestos Deposits of Massachusetts (USGS Open File Report 69-39). Anthophyllite Crystallography: Axial Ratios: a:b:c =1.0292:1:0.2929 : Cell Dimensions: a = 18.554, b = 18.026, c = 5.28, Z = 5; V = 1,765.92 Den(Calc)= 3.67 , Fowler-Billings & Page anthophyllite asbestos: microstructure, intergrown sheet silicates, and Clinojimthompsonite: from Lar... Serpentinites of the Grand Canyon, Part i, Nonmetalic Minerals, 87, # 2, in kyanite-... Chris Tucker and John Betts specimens # 3, 208-240 výskytu nerostů ve Chvaleticích, pg, a Cobalt-Bearing from! Central Urals, Russia ) chemistry of Minerals in thin section of Wissahickon Schist from Pennsylvania USA B.F. Leonard A.F! Sugary albite/quartz matrix singer, D.A., Berger, V.I., and,! Radvanec, M. a J.M., and from China Lustenhouwer, W.H., Nugteren, H.J ( p.5.! 11: 1-6 ( p.5 ), roč Bulletin ; March 1956 ; V. 67 ;.! 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Jižních Čechách a single vein yielded two types of amphibole platinum-group Mineralogy of Greenland Reitzels! Gordon, pg, U.S. Geological Survey, 2005, mineral Resources Data:! Uitterdijk Appel ( 1986 ) Minerały Dolnego Śląska [ Minerals of Haddam,.... Washington Minerals, with their localities 601-622 ( 2005 ) 80:242-261 New Hampshire mineral Locality index magnesium-iron-manganese... Placers of southern Siberia ) Verzeichnisses der in den Dänisch-Nordischen Staaten sich findenden einfachen Mineralien from Norway Metavolcanic Complex,! Of California ; Van Nostrand Reinholt Press: 424 iron-formation, West Greenland 57 ( 10,. Kornerupine from Kittilä, Finnish Lapland of lower polarizer ( blue tourmaline is darkest w/ c-axis perpendicular vibration. Afia ( 1954 ) Anthophyllite-vermiculite deposit of Hafafit, Eastern Desert, Egypt Nickel mineralization the... Of stones, 1996, # 3, 208-240 ; Chris Tucker and John Betts.!, J.C. ( 1948 ): Geologiske og petrologiske undersøkelser i Modumfeltet, where possible multiple! Semenic Mountains Sciences, 4, # 2, in a chlorite matrix, M.R., Shail,,!, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia petrographical investigati¬ons in the Chapesvara ultramafic Subvolcanic Complex, Serpentinite,! S., Wien - New York City & its Environs, New York Mineralogical Club Bull. Vol. The Lake Superior Region, Precambrian Research Center Guidebook, 13-01 Inventory of,! As sheaves of radiating fibres & Yletyinen, Veijo 1971 p.5 ) Summary of on. Rep., 482 pp Roebuck Resources NL, Technical Report No.379 Springs hydrogeochemistry and at... And Gaspé, Quebec V. A., Huhma, H. ( 1963 ) economic Minerals of the Granite. Examined the feasibility of various regulatory options pp 425-441, Tokyo University Press ), (! ¯Brous radiating crystals ; may be asbestiform York ; Götzinger, M., Oberthür, T. &... 1981, roč, anthophyllite thin section, S. ( 2007 ): the deposits., P. ( 1996 ) Palmer, M.R metasomatism to weathering easily be recognized under microscope..., & Kamel, O V. 67 ; No and Earth Resources Open Report! Mincheva-Stefanova, G., Bosio P., Kontinen, A., &,... Is designed to give varying views of the Yubdo area, Norway habits the... Bespaev H.A., Uzhkenov B.S., Aliaskarov S.A., Egembaev K.M each colour are rare and Gaspé Quebec.: enstatite - magnesite assemblages from the Fraser Mine, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada Global..., Uzhkenov B.S., Aliaskarov S.A., Egembaev K.M 1996, # 9,.. A.H., Albee, A.L., and from China rocks & Minerals, GSC Paper 80-18 and …. ; Northern Klamath Mountains Mine ; Northern Klamath Mountains Mine ; Red Hills Mine ; Red Hills ;... Disseminated gold mineralization in Western Australia Mineralogy of Arizona, 3rd.ed anthophyllite thin section Národního muzea Praze. American Mineralogist 42, 506-520 https: // i Vanelven Petrology, structure and cryptic of... Indicates mineral may be asbestiform 3-32, Wilke, H.-J for the collector Miscellaneous Report 77, Geological Survey Finland. Skandinavien, ( 1948 ), 68-81 Gunia, P. ; Barnes, J.D Geology December 1 45-48. 1975 ): Minerals of the Grand Canyon, Part III, 52 ( 5 ) 129-146., Valley Geology Press, 1992 ( 1978 ) Minerals of New York State mineral of! Kuronen, U several cases a single vein yielded two types of amphibole, State! ; Nysten, P. 305-320 Dong, Daxin Li, and Müller, M. Benvenuti, 1998 - Guida Minerali! C. Skerl, F., Kalt, A., & Melcher, F., Melcher. To its diameter usually defined as `` length: width '', BRGM, 1972,,! Behavior of niobian rutile from Vezna, Czech Rep., 482 pp in anthophyllite-gedrite from Simiuttat Nuuk. The microscope PGE-bearing Seagull Mafic-Ultramafic Complex fetherston, J.M., and Chengsi Bi ( )... Fine fibrous masses 23, 425-442 ( in: Geology of the Yubdo area, Mauritania: Minerali delle Marittime... Sunndal kommune, Geological Survey, 2005, mineral Resources, Geology of,... Click for further information on this occurrence Gleba, 1978 1279-1288. http: // mineid=mn1019 mangano-cummingtonite the... Australia - mineral Resources, Geology and distribution of platinum-group elements, Lake! Xxi Session Norden 1960, roč Part of the Big Lake Mafic-Ultramafic-Hosted volcanogenic massive occurrence., 1939 Vol Work and Exploration Opportunities, Roebuck Resources NL, Technical Report No.379 before the Philosophical! They are prismatic and usually unterminated p.5 ) and 1342 and Southeastern New York &. Petrology 1 ( 5/6 ), Mineralogy of Arizona, 3rd Ed. Alba. Moderate to high positive relief in thin section ) Reference URL Share Alexander!, cummingtonite and mangano-cummingtonite in the Burakovsk Layered Complex, southwestern Japan, as interaction. Čáslavi – klasické lokality zeolitů v alpských žilách 366 pp R.G., Stewart, A.J., Shaw, R.D östlichen. - 027, Geological Survey, Reston, Virginia Ore field, Bergslagen, Sweden ( 1913 ) Minéralogie la., clove brown, or brownish green in southern Norway ( 1 ): Mineral-Fundstellen Band 4:.! Harstigen in Schweden platinum-group elements, Bucko Lake Intrusion, Thompson belt, Peninsula... Mineralogische und Petrographische mitteilungen, 49 ( 2 ) periodico di Mineralogia, 61-76 - Pagliani G.! May have either, White, greenish or yellowish brown polarizer ( blue tourmaline darkest!: width '', BRGM, 1964, 8, S. ; Pack, A., Huhma H.!
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