Phosphor bronze strings have a mellower tone; stainless steel strings are brighter and have longer tone life. The chart contains chord diagrams with fingerings for common chords in every key. GHS offers four, five and six string banjo sets. pyramid code aquila wound strings “d” aquila synthetic loaded strings “cd” 905/1013al: 73d : 75cd: 906m/1014al: 76d: 75cd: 906: 79d: 80cd: 1006/10065: 82d: 80cd He has produced numerous instructional DVDs and hosted hundreds of instructional workshops. Bill Evans is an internationally celebrated five-string banjo player, teacher, historian, and recording artist, who has helped thousands of banjo players from all over the world in a professional career that spans over 35 years. All strings are extra long to fit a variety of four string banjos. Download a free chord chart for 5-string banjo in PDF format. About the Book Author. Standard Set-up Chart. Before any of these adjustments are made, the banjo should be tuned to standard pitch with your preferred gauge of strings. The four and five strings sets come in phosphor bronze or stainless steel, loop or ball end and in a variety of gauges. The above set-up procedure should be performed any time your banjo seems out-of-sorts in any way, and at least twice a year during the change of seasons (from summer to winter and vice-versa).
2020 banjo string gauge chart